Section 1: Institutional and Organization Social Media Accounts

Institutional Social Media Accounts:
Berea College has institution-moderated social media accounts managed by the Office of Marketing & Communications (MC) and Alumni Relations. These official accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat are identified as “Berea College.” Posts from these accounts are designed to represent the College’s brand, its Great Commitments, dedication to transformative learning, and service to stakeholders. These are the official social media outlets of the College and the only accounts for which the College is institutionally responsible.

Organization Social Media Accounts:
Individual departments, centers, programs, student organizations and special projects may sponsor separate social media account(s). These are not official “Berea College” accounts and are not managed by MC. These accounts are referred to as “institution-sponsored” accounts because they are publicly affiliated with the College through name, logo, branding, etc. These accounts must have at least two administrators. One must be a staff or faculty member of the College. Staff administrators are available from the MC office ( or 859-985-3018). Institution-sponsored social media accounts should register with the online Social Media Directory, managed by MC.  The content and views of Organization Social Media Accounts are the responsibility of the individual sponsor(s).