Disability Leave

Any full-time regular employee who is disabled must apply for Family Medical Leave prior to applying for long-term disability benefits. (See FMLA policy for an explanation of return to work rights and responsibilities.) When an employee is unable to work for more than one hundred and eighty (180) days because of injury or illness (in accordance with the definition of “disability” specified in the disability insurance plan documents), the employee is eligible to apply for long-term disability leave. (Call the Benefits Office at ext. 3051 for details of the current insurance plan.)

When an employee who has been on disability leave is ready to return to work, the College will, if possible, return that employee to a position for which the employee is qualified and which resembles the former position as dictated by the Family Medical Leave Act or as closely as circumstances permit. However, the College cannot guarantee that such an employee will be returned to the same job as before. If no suitable positions are available, it may be necessary to terminate the employment.

Employees who have been on disability leave more than twelve (12) months are automatically terminated, as is any other employee absent from work this long, for any reason. Disabled employees terminated under this policy have the right to reapply at such time as they are able to work again.