Media Access to Campus

  1. Faculty, staff, and students are required to notify Marketing and Communications (MC) media relations staff when media are on campus.

  2. Media will not have access to classrooms, offices, residence halls, or other buildings except when permission has been obtained in advance and when a Berea College Media Relations staff member is present. This does not preclude faculty members from inviting media representatives to guest lecture or take part in some way in a class or classes.

    If media arrive unannounced in a building or office, either the Media Relations Manager (Ext. 3020) or the Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications (Ext. 3912) should be contacted immediately. These are not public areas and media presence would interrupt daily routines and/or work schedules. Any faculty, staff, and/or students contacted by media representatives should immediately refer the media to the Berea College Media Relations Office (Ext. 3020), which will coordinate the response to media requests, as appropriate.

  3. Media will not have access to faculty/staff and/or student meetings. They can, however, wait outside a meeting room, if accompanied by a Berea College Media Relations staff member.

  4. Media are free to talk with students/faculty or shoot footage/photos in public places on campus (outside buildings) if they have first arranged to do so with the Media Relations Office and Public Safety Office.

  5. No students, faculty and/or staff are obligated to take part in a media interview.

  6. Student and faculty/staff rosters, or other items containing names or contact information should not be made available to media representatives.

  7. Media Relations will coordinate communications of trending social media items to all members of the Administrative Committee, including the College President. Likewise, Berea’s Media Relations Office should be notified about postings in social media outlets that reference College programs or personnel. College faculty or staff are encouraged not to engage in these online conversations. MC will assess the posting to determine if an official response and/or reply is needed in non-sanctioned social media sites.

NOTE:  Call the Media Relations Manager at extension 3020 if you have any questions about media or media access to campus.

Approved by the Administrative Committee, November 25, 2015