Replication of Copyrighted Printed Materials

Most books, journals, magazines, and other printed materials are copyrighted, and cannot be legally reproduced without prior permission of the copyright owner. Even when the materials are to be used for educational purposes and not for resale, definite restrictions apply. Most of these are to be found on a document posted close to photocopying machines in Hutchins Library and elsewhere on campus. Inquiries about the law and fair usage in such matters should be directed to the Dean of Faculty. For materials to be photocopied or otherwise reproduced by the Printing Services, the following policy is followed.

No copyrighted material may be reproduced unless the person making the request has in hand written permission of the copyright holder. A copy of that permission must be filed with Printing Services. The reproducer must enter the statement “Reproduced with permission of the copyright owner” on the article. Should a College employee discover current copyrighted material that is of such immediate and critical importance to a pending job assignment that delay would render its relevance useless, permission may be sought from the employee’s supervisor and the Dean of Faculty on the form available from Printing Services. If permission is given, the number of copies is limited to the number of students currently enrolled plus three additional copies. If later reproduction is desired, permission of the copyright owner is required. No copies of reproduced material may be sold unless the copyright owner has specifically given such permission.