Grade Point Average

The GPA is a measure of a student’s academic achievement at the College, calculated by dividing the total number of grade points received by the total number of credits attempted. A term GPA and the cumulative average are computed at the end of each term for each student. For purposes of computing the Grade Point Average (GPA), the following weights are used: A=4.0; A-=3.7; B+=3.3; B=3.0; B-=2.7; C+=2.3; C=2.0; C-=1.7; D+=1.3; D=1.0; D-=0.7; and F=0.0. Included in the GPA calculation are the grades earned for Convocation credit, calculated as 0.25 convocation credit for CA and 0.0 credit for CF grades.

NOTE: Convocation credits do not count in the minimum earned credits needed for a degree. S, SC, I, and U grades are not used in calculating GPA. W, WP, WF, and I grades are not used in computing the GPA. All core, distribution, concentration, and collateral courses are used in the calculation of a student’s major GPA.