Section 3: Follow Brand Style Guidelines

The College expects departments, centers, programs, student organizations and special projects using social media on its behalf to abide by the official standards for brand, graphics and style as set in the Brand and Graphics Standards Manual. This includes using appropriate graphic and logo elements for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For other sites or accounts, consult with the Marketing & Communications office, which administers these guidelines and can provide account- and program-specific guidance.

Note: Always use proper grammar and appropriate text descriptions for images or video when posting images or videos containing text to remain in compliance with federal accessibility requirements. Communicate with your followers as you would real people in professional situations, without overly pedantic or “composed” language. Do not be afraid to bring in your own personality when appropriate. Draft posts in a program that can detect spelling and grammatical errors, and proofread before you post.

Avoid offensive images, graphics, slang or words that may not reflect well upon the College. When selecting images to publish be thoughtful in ensuring they reflect our mission (embodied in the Great Commitments) and accurately represent the diversity of our community.

Since Berea is a work college, any student workers who compose content for social media usage should have appropriate staff or faculty members review the content before it is posted. What you write and publish–including the way in which you name and graphically brand or customize your social media accounts–can have a profound effect on external perceptions of Berea College.