Harassment Policy

Berea College, in light of its mission in the tradition of impartial love and social equality, welcomes all peoples of the earth to learn and work here. This means that the College welcomes all students and staff who seek to live and to learn at Berea in the context of the College’s mission as expressed in the Great Commitments. But this does not mean that all behaviors are considered acceptable. Given Berea’s inclusive welcome to all peoples of the earth, the College will not tolerate speech and acts that are harassing to anyone on account of race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, or other such distinguishing characteristics. (As adopted by the General Faculty, December 7, 2000; Revised by Administrative Committee, June 2011.)


Harassment prohibited by this policy includes verbal or physical conduct that, because of its severity and/or persistence, substantially interferes with the mutual respect and collegiality afforded all individuals at Berea College. In particular, harassment may include verbal or physical behavior directed at an individual that is abusive of that individual’s distinguishing characteristics, including race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin, to such an extent as to substantially interfere with the individual’s work or education or adversely affect one’s living conditions. 

In prohibiting harassment in all its forms, Berea seeks to preserve and enhance academic freedom for all members of the campus community. Nothing in this policy is intended to limit the freedom of inquiry, teaching, or learning necessary to the College’s educational purposes, or to inhibit scholarly, scientific, or artistic treatment of subject matter appropriate to an institution of higher education.


This policy applies to all persons enrolled or employed at Berea College.  Berea College is committed to investigating and resolving all complaints.  Such complaints should be directed via email to TitleIX@berea.edu or by phone to 859-228-2323.

Procedures for reporting, investigating, and hearing alleged violations of this policy involving faculty, staff or administration are found at Procedures for Reporting, Investigating, and Hearing Alleged Violations of Certain College Policies.

For cases involving student on student violations of this policy, offenders will be disciplined in accordance with provisions of the Student Judicial Code.