Classroom Removal and Administrative Course Withdrawal Policy

Instructors are responsible for ensuring a positive learning environment for all students enrolled in their courses (including travel courses). An instructor has the right to make decisions regarding one’s own daily classroom dynamics and define disruptive classroom behavior.

In cases where an individual student’s behavior significantly and negatively inhibits the learning of other students or creates an unsafe environment, the instructor may ask a student to leave the classroom immediately. The professor should document the incident in writing either by emailing a Department or Division Chair, or by using the performance checks system. A one-time removal from a classroom may or may not eventually lead to administrative course withdrawal depending on the circumstances.

If a particular student’s disruptive behavior is either ongoing or particularly egregious, the instructor may request approval for the student to be withdrawn from the course, after other measures have been exhausted, from the Provost. The student’s behavior may also be referred to the Vice President for Student Life under the Student Judicial Code for further review and action as necessary.

“Withdrawn” refers to the removal of a student from the course and the assignment of a W, WP/WF, or final grade on their academic transcript. The specific grade received will be based on the date the formal request for withdrawal is initiated. If the action is taken after the last day to withdraw from an individual course, the student will receive a final grade as reported by the instructor.

“Student behavior significantly, negatively inhibiting the learning of other students” is intentionally left to the instructor’s prerogative to be defined within the context of the course. Instructors are encouraged but not required to include statements about behavioral expectations in their syllabus and to make use of campus resources, including the Office of Academic Affairs, the Office of Student Life, the Office of Student Success and Transition, the Title IX Office, and the Center for Teaching and Learning to proactively address behaviors prior to reaching the point of requesting a student’s withdrawal.

Berea College will provide reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities in order to make all learning experiences accessible. 

Approved by the College Faculty Assembly, April 23, 2019. Updated titles and office names, July 2021.