Repeating a Course for a Higher Grade

A course in which a C-, D+, D, D- or F is earned may be repeated for a higher grade. The earlier grade will remain on the transcript, but only the higher of the two will be computed in the GPA. Earned credit will be given only once. Permission to repeat a course in which a grade of C or higher is earned may be given only by the Student Admissions and Academic Standing (SAAS) Committee. Courses may be repeated no more than two times without approval of the SAAS Committee. The highest grade will be computed in the GPA. Permission to take a course for the fourth time rarely will be given.

Some courses, such as GSTR 110, may have restrictions about being repeated.  Please see the individual course description for any restrictions.

NOTE : For the purpose of meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress goals (see the Financial Aid and Student Accounts section in this publication), repeated courses will be counted only once toward meeting the minimum required passed course credits.