Student of Concern Team



Berea College’s Student of Concern Team was created in the fall of 2013 as the result of awareness across university campuses of the need for effective structure and response to student mental health and campus safety issues.


The purpose of the Student of Concern Team is to facilitate early identification of students who exhibit evidence of troubling behaviors, and to intervene with support and resources before problems escalate into a crisis that jeopardizes the student’s chance of success or safety, or interferes with the success or safety of other students.  “Exhibit troubling behaviors” is defined as:

  • unusual or erratic behavior in class, residence halls, labor positions, during advising sessions, etc., including written assignments or verbal expression with alarming themes or references;
  • verbal or written threats made by a student toward another student, faculty member, or staff member;
  • written or verbal expression of suicidal ideation or intent; and

  • other actions which cause alarm or call into question the safety of the student or their peers.

The Student of Concern Team meets weekly.


The weekly Student of Concern meetings with persons from different aspects of the college in attendance may detect a pattern of troubling behavior and can intervene as soon as possible.  The goal is to intervene before a problem becomes a crisis.


The Student of Concern Team members include:

Assoc. Vice President for Student Life and/or Assoc. Dean of Student Life

Student Life Liaison

Student Life Executive Assistant

Director of the Office of Student Success & Transition

Enrollment Operations & Advising Technology Specialist, Office of Academic Affairs

Labor Program Coordinator

Director of Public Safety

Director of Counseling Services

Director of the Campus Christian Center

Special Assistant to the Office of the President

Director of Black Cultural Center


   When to refer students: Referrals can be prompted by any of the following:

  • a noticeable change in personality or decline in personal appearance and/or a student repeatedly engaging in unusual, erratic, or disruptive behaviors in class, labor, or residence halls.  All of these can be signs of a student in crisis;
  • dismissive behaviors or belligerence in response to expressions of concern;  
  • concern about the welfare of a student, yourself, or other students; or

  • a student asks for help in dealing with alarming issues that are outside your role as a faculty or staff member.

How to Refer Students:


NOTE:  The Student of Concern Team is not for emergencies.  If your situation is an emergency, contact Public Safety at (859) 985-3333.  In cases of imminent danger, call 911.


  Referrals of students come to the team for preliminary review. If more information is needed, a designated team member may contact the person who made the referral and request clarification or augmentation.  When the referral is complete, it is added to the agenda of the team for the upcoming meeting, at which time the team will review and determine the appropriate response/support.


             Receipt of referrals will be confirmed, however, due to the privacy constraints, details of the resolution of the situation may not be shared.