Decision-Making and Campus Governance

Students have an important role in institutional decision-making at all levels of the College. The Student Government Association, the Campus Activities Board, the Board of Residents, and House Councils provide opportunity for a large number of students to guide policy and make decisions relative to campus policies, programs, and procedures. The Student Government Association represents students’ interests to the faculty and administration, and the students who sit on the College’s Executive Committee also are voting members of the General Faculty Assembly. The Campus Activities Board has authority for expenditure of Student Activity fees for educational, social, and recreational programs. House Councils and the Board of Residents assume a primary role in residence hall governance. In addition, by virtue of their offices or through a campus-wide recruitment process conducted by the Student Government Association, students serve as voting members of all faculty councils and committees (except those concerned with employee grievances or matters of employment), are included in a number of ad hoc committees, and attend Board of Trustee meetings.