Students on any type of probation are restricted in some of their activities. (See the Academic Performance Standards section for more information about probation and suspension.) Students on probation (i.e., Academic Probation, Labor Probation, or Social Probation) may not receive travel grants for conferences or graduate school interviews, application fees for graduate schools or graduate school test preparation course fees. Students on probation may not participate in international study-travel programs, receive permission to have motor vehicles on campus, or be granted leaves of absence. In order to register for and/or participate in approved instructional programs outside the United States, students also must be free of all forms of probation. Students on any type of probation may not propose or participate in Independent Studies, Team Initiated Studies, Education Abroad, or Internships.

Exceptions to these policies must be approved by the body responsible for setting the terms of the probation.

See information on specific types of probation (academic, labor, and social) in the appropriate publications (Academic Probation in the College Catalog and Labor Probation in the Tools Manual),