Student Publication

Berea College acts as a publisher to The Pinnacle student newspaper—funded by student fees and advertising revenue, and supported by the College through provision of office space, limited equipment, and other resources.

Editors and certain other staff positions are paid positions in the College’s Student Labor Program. Editors ordinarily serve for one year, though contracts may be renewed for a subsequent year. Student editors have responsibility for upholding publications policy established by the Student Life Council and for determining content of the publications. In carrying out their responsibilities, students should request advice and guidance from the Faculty Advisor, Staff Administrator, or the Student Life Council.

A Staff Administrator serves as the publication's labor supervisor and monitors publication's budgets.

A Faculty Advisor shall be approved by the Student Life Council for the publication. Faculty advisors serve for at least two, but not more than three, consecutive years.

The Student Life Council serves as the publication board to insure that each publication operates in the best interests of the College. The Council approves hiring and, if necessary, dismissing student editors. For The Pinnacle Online a Pinnacle Online Web Advisory Committee also represents the Student Life Council and reports to it upon request. The Committee is comprised of the student editor, the faculty and staff advisors, the College’s IMC Web Communications Manager, and an IS&S representative.

Revised and approved by the Student Life Council.