Demonstrations, Protests, and Rallies Policy

Demonstrations, protests, and rallies must be pre-approved through the Student Life Administrative Office (Woods-Penniman, Room 302) at least three days prior to the event. The following regulations must be followed:

  • Requests must specify purpose, location, date, and time. (Note: use of the Triangle requires completion of additional requirements). The Triangle use will be permitted for College and College/community events when approval has been given by the Business Office, when all necessary city permits* have been issued, and when arrangements have been made through the Berea City Police Department for the closing of Main Street during the event, e.g., the community Christmas Parade, the community Spoon Bread Festival, organized Street Dances, the Berea United and Diverse Celebration, etc.
  • Organizers and participants must not:
    1. block pedestrian or vehicular traffic;
    2. directly confront passersby;
    3. block building entrances or exits;
    4. locate themselves on city streets or sidewalks without a city permit*;
    5. interfere with other College-sanctioned activities, e.g. class meetings or residence hall students’ studying or sleeping.
  • Organizers must:
    1. abide by the pre-approved beginning and ending times;
    2. confine the event to the pre-approved location;
    3. notify Public Safety of the event (prior to Student Life approval) and arrange for Public Safety presence if needed;
    4. clean up the area before departing.

City Permit Process *

A formal letter of request including details of the event must be submitted to the Mayor, and the organization must submit an application form. Forms can be picked up at the City Clerk’s office in Berea. The Mayor or a designated City Official must approve this form. The application must be made at least 24 hours in advance, and requires an advance-processing fee of $50 if the Police Department or other City Office presence is needed.

Mayor Bruce Fraley

City of Berea

212 Chestnut Street

Berea, KY 40403

The City permit covers public areas only and does not apply to use of any private property. The City reserves the right to accept or decline any applications or waive fees.