Management of Behavioral Disturbances


Given the educational philosophy and residentiality of Berea College, the College will act in the best interest of the community as well as the individual.  Similar action may also become necessary when there is repeated documentation of behavior which indicates that a student is unable to be responsible for his/her behavior, to the extent that the behavior significantly interferes with the ability of other students to pursue an orderly course of living and study.  Should it be determined that the welfare of the student and community is being compromised by this behavior, the Office of the Vice President for Student Life will exercise its authority to protect the educational processes and purpose of the institution by taking one or more of the following steps:

1.  Notify parents or other responsible person(s).

2.  Notify police.

3.  Request professional health and/or psychological evaluation.

4.  Require that the student be placed in protective custody of police, parents, or hospital.

5.  Establish a Behavioral Contract that outlines specific strategies and interventions that the student will engage in to prevent future disturbances to the campus community.

6.  Require that the student be withdrawn.


Determination will be based upon verification of a physical act, verbal statement and/or a demonstrated lack of the individual’s ability to be responsible for his/her behavior.  A designee of the Vice President for Student Life will make every reasonable attempt to meet with the student to inform the student that an involuntary withdrawal is being considered by an administrative panel; what the withdrawal would require and the reasons for the withdrawal being considered. The designee will explain the next steps in the process and provide the student with a copy of this involuntary withdrawal policy. The Designee will also review all other available options for the student to pursue, including a voluntary withdrawal, part-time student status, Leave of Absence, etc.

The student will be informed in advance of the time and location of the Administrative Panel meeting and be provided the opportunity to submit relevant information, behavioral contracts and present relevant witnesses from the College community. The Administrative Panel will consist of Designee of the Vice President for Student Life, Director of Counseling Services, and the Director of Student Success & Transition.

 A student may appeal the Administrative panel’s determination to the Vice President for Student Life. A student has two business days to request this appeal in writing. The Vice President for Student Life shall review all available information (i.e., all information considered by the Administrative Panel and any additional information subsequently made available by the student) and may seek additional information from the student. The decision from the Vice President for Student Life will be communicated in writing. The decision from the Vice President for Student Life is final.

Student Seeking to Return from an Involuntary Withdrawal

  • The Administrative Hearing Panel will convene to review the student’s request for readmission.

  • The Administrative Hearing Panel may or may not meet with the student.

  • The Administrative Hearing Panel will notify the TRAAC (Transfer and Readmit Admission and Advising Committee) team in writing of their recommendation in a timely manner.