Secondary Positions

Secondary positions are elective, and hours are not counted toward the minimum hour requirement. As such, supervisors and students are not bound to any specific time period. However, students should take their secondary commitments very seriously, as many labor supervisors depend upon secondary students to accomplish their work. Students who fail to honor their secondary commitments may receive negative feedback from supervisors for inclusion on the Student Labor Evaluation.

The student must have a Labor Status Form submitted to the Labor Program and Student Payment Office and approved by both the primary and secondary supervisors.  Students should not begin working a secondary position until all necessary forms and approvals have been completed.  The primary supervisor can elect not to sign-off on a secondary assignment if the student is not meeting required expectations within the primary labor assignment – e.g. schedule, hours, or performance. In addition, the Labor Program office can rescind the secondary labor assignment in cases where a student falls significantly or repeatedly behind in meeting the primary position performance obligations or hour target.

If a secondary position would put a student into an overload situation – the Labor Overload process must be completed and approved prior to submitting a secondary Labor Status Form to the Labor Program and Student Payments Office.  If a supervisor fails to submit the appropriate secondary Labor Status Form, the secondary position is not active or valid and the student should not begin work.