Participation in Athletics and Performance-Based Co-Curricular Activities

Many students have significant co-curricular activities that present scheduling challenges. When the Labor Program Office selects position assignments for entering students, we take into consideration co-curricular activities and look for assignments with flexible scheduling or daytime scheduling in order to minimize conflicts for the students and the labor departments. When a student interviews for a labor position, they should inform the prospective supervisor about their schedules to determine if their activities can be accommodated. Students should always inform their supervisors in advance of upcoming events so that accommodations can be discussed. The Labor Program Office encourages supervisors to provide scheduling accommodations for College-sponsored activities that are rigidly scheduled and dependent upon each student’s participation (e.g., intercollegiate athletics, theatre performances).  Students are responsible for making up any missed hours due to College-sponsored activities.   Likewise, students must recognize that co-curricular activities do not take precedence over labor requirements and may constitute an unexcused absence subject to disciplinary actions.   Conflicts that cannot be resolved internally should be directed to the Labor Program Office.