Dress and Hygiene

The Labor Program Office supports the establishment of dress requirements that are appropriate to the work performed in each department. Some positions may require mandatory use and wearing of appropriate safety protection (e.g., hard hats, safety shoes, chaps, goggles, etc.), hygiene materials (e.g., gloves, hair nets, etc.), and/or other work-specific items. The department is responsible for assisting the student with expenses incurred under the following conditions: if a uniform or uniform manner of dress is required, or if the use of safety protection, hygiene, and/or other work-specific items are required. Department supervisors can contact the Labor Program Office for funds to assist with purchasing required attire items for students.

Departments that actively engage the public may establish reasonable standards of appearance and those standards should be made very clear to first-year students during the position orientation and to upperclassmen during the interview and hiring process. To avoid issues, it is a good idea to review the policy with all students, each term.

All students are expected to maintain a basic standard of hygiene and cleanliness, regardless of their position or department.