Department Work-Learning-Service Enrollment List

The Labor Program is recognized as an integral and stated part of Berea’s educational philosophy and program. Accurate records of the student’s participation in the program are required to meet the institutional commitment and federal work college requirements.


Similar in ways to the verification of student attending an academic class, the list must be verified by the labor department as accurate. The list is sent to the Payroll  Coordinator of the labor department during the first pay period of the fall term and prior to the start of the spring term, and summer period. It is the responsibility of the labor department Payroll  Coordinator to work with the department Labor Supervisors to verify that the student workers are assigned to the correct Labor Supervisor, position, Work-Learning-Service (WLS) level, and hours per week. The data must be accurate to ensure that the student work record is correct in regard to the department and position assignment designation, labor supervisor designation, and the WLS level of the position. This is critical in ensuring accurate labor data is uploaded into the Labor Transcript (the permanent record of the student work assignments and performance).