Performance-Related Release - Disciplinary Action Form

Students should not be dismissed arbitrarily. When a student’s performance does not meet department expectations, the supervisor should address and document performance issues using the Labor Program’s Student Disciplinary Action Form at the time of each incident. A student cannot receive any type of department probationary status or release without using the Student Disciplinary Action Form except in grievous performance issues (e.g. falsification of time, serious confidentially cases, physical violent, etc.). Once the student has received three write-ups, the supervisor must consult with the Labor Program Office and determine the next course of action which may involve departmental probation, establishing an Accountability Agreement, and/or releasing the student, etc. In such cases, the Labor Program Office should be informed so that an appropriate placement can be determined. If a performance-related release is necessary, the Labor Program can assist the supervisor to ensure sufficient and appropriate documentation has been submitted to justify the release. Performance-related releases involving first-year students must be approved by the Labor Program Office.