Exemption from Labor

Practica and Student Teaching

In recognition of increased demands related to workload, scheduling, and required travel, students may be exempted from labor for participation in the following experiences:

  • Nursing Clinical (fall term of final year; students required to attend clinical on Tuesdays from 2:00 p.m. - 7:00 pm)

Students are responsible for finding a primary labor position that would not require them to participate in the Tuesday labor meeting.

  • Nursing Clinical (four week summer term - students are exempted from labor)
  • Nursing Practicum (NUR 349 and NUR 450, final spring term)
  • Student Teaching (EDS 282, EDS 292 or EDS 296 final term)

Students participating in a nursing practicum or student teaching experience should consult with their academic department regarding the completion of a status form. The form should be submitted by the designated faculty person and listed as "unassigned" under “department” and  "snolab" under position. Students should notify their labor supervisors in advance of hiring that they will have an exemption during this term, as some departments may not be able to support a mid-year release.

Although not required, students may elect to work on campus while participating in these experiences. Students should complete the process above for a primary exemption and then secure a secondary status form for the desired number of hours (the work is performed in a primary manner, but our scholarship payment system records the hours as a secondary labor assignment so that the hours are recorded as optional and not required).

Off-Campus Experiences

In recognition of the comprehensiveness of these experiences, students may be exempted from labor for participation in summer domestic travel courses and internships. Exceptions include cases where a student will spend a significant amount of time (i.e., more than a few days) off campus. These exceptions are addressed on a case-by-case basis through the Labor Program Office. Note: Students engaged in a summer study abroad course are exempted from working in the labor program.

Excused Hours

Students who are unable to report to a regularly scheduled work assignment due to an emergency are expected to notify their labor supervisor immediately. Special circumstances such as an excused absences due to a death in the family or prolonged illness, should be communicated to the Labor Program Office to consider if the student may be excused from a portion of the labor requirement. This should be done as quickly as possible to determine if cumstances would require documentation as would be the case with a prolonged illness or condition, etc.  Documentation should specify any restrictions as well when the student is cleared to return to work. A doctor/dental appointment is typically not excused unless it develops into a more serious condition requiring considerable absenteeism. In instances other than emergencies, the labor supervisor should be notified well in advance of the absence and time should be made up before the end of the term. (Also see Attendance Policy.)