Donation of Vacation Leave to Co-Workers

Berea College will assist staff employees working in a part-time benefited or full-time regular status position who experience an illness, pregnancy, or injury by providing a mechanism for the donation of vacation leave hours from co-workers. Employees may apply to receive leave donations at their current rate of pay once they have exhausted all personal sick leave and vacation leave. Employees must be able to demonstrate eligibility for Family Medical Leave in order to receive a vacation leave donation.

Donated hours will be considered gifts and, therefore, will not require any repayment of hours once the employee recovers sufficiently to return to an active employee status.

Staff members who wish to donate vacation hours may do so in 8-hour increments, provided they have an existing balance of 48 or more hours at the time of the donation, and must complete a Vacation Leave Donation Form in the Office of Human Resources/Payroll. Donations may not be made in excess of 40 hours per person per year. The Vacation Leave Donation Form may be obtained at

In the event that a donation is made and the receiving employee either returns to work or becomes eligible for/approved for long term disability insurance, any donated hours that are unused will be returned to the donating employee.

Revised: 5/14/13