Jury Duty Leave

Full-time employees who are summoned to jury duty will be paid during their active periods of jury service. Such employees are permitted to retain the allowance received from the court for jury service. Employees other than full-time employees are given time off without pay for jury duty and are permitted to keep allowances received from the court. All employees are expected to return to work on any day that jury service takes less than the entire working day.

All employees will be given time off with pay if summoned to appear in court as a witness on behalf of the College. 

To qualify for jury duty leave or to serve as a witness for the College, employees must submit to their supervisors a copy of the summons to serve as a juror or the subpoena to appear for the College as a witness as soon as the summons or subpoena is received. In addition, proof of service must be submitted to the supervisor when the period of jury service or witness duty is completed.  

The College will make no attempt on an employee's behalf to have jury service postponed unless an emergency situation at the College requires such action.