Welcome to Berea College

Dear Berea College Employees:

Greetings!  I am happy to welcome you to Berea College, a unique school, community and workplace.  Founded in 1855 by abolitionists, Berea was the first interracial and coeducational college in the South and, throughout its history, has been dedicated to serving the needs of the economically disadvantaged youth of the Appalachian region.  Today, Berea College continues and extends its founding legacy as an inclusive community that welcomes “all peoples of the earth” to study and work at the College. 

Berea’s Biblical motto, “God has made of one blood all peoples of the earth,” expresses well the College's non-sectarian Christian tradition.  Our inclusive Christian identity recognizes that a diversity of faiths, backgrounds, nationalities, and ethnicities provides a strong foundation not only for student learning, but for a creative, collaborative workplace as well.  The College’s mission is summarized in its eight Great Commitments, and the Berea College Workplace Expectations are, in turn, a direct expression of those Commitments.  It is through our collective enthusiasm for learning; integrity and caring; valuing of all people; teamwork; service to others; plain and sustainable living; and celebration of work well done that we are able to extend the founding principles of Berea College in our work today. 

As part of an integrated learning community, employees are expected to apply these Workplace Expectations to their position responsibilities, their interactions with co-workers and students, and their personal and professional growth.  Through Berea’s unique Labor Program, many staff members also contribute to the education of Berea students as their supervisors. 

As you read through the Berea College Employee Handbook, I invite you to reflect on Berea’s powerful mission and the Workplace Expectations in the context of the talents and learning opportunities you bring to our vibrant community.  Again, I welcome you to the rich working and learning environment of Berea College.

Warmest regards,

Lyle Roelofs