Student Disciplinary Action Form and Process

Student performance concerns must be documented and discussed with the student. A student cannot receive any type of department probationary status or release without using the Student Disciplinary Action Form. This process serves three primary purposes: 1) it provides an opportunity to reaffirm departmental expectations; 2) it draws attention to the issue in the interest of improving performance; and 3) it provides a clear history for others in the event that further disciplinary action is required.

Because the Labor Program is a learning environment, we do not advocate a “three strikes and you’re out” approach. Students should be given an opportunity and a reasonable amount of time to address performance concerns in a realistic fashion. Students should receive write ups consistently at the time of each incident and not collectively.

The Student Disciplinary Action Form is a tool designed by the Labor Program Office to assist with this process. It is not appropriate to release a student without documentation of performance issues or consultation with the Labor Program Office when an issue is identified that may result in disciplinary action. Ideally, this documentation and discussion approach will enhance student performance so that no further measures are needed. If that is not the case, a supervisor may seek to place a student on departmental probation. The Associate Dean of Labor can help you navigate through this process.