Monitoring of Hours

Students are responsible for monitoring their total work hours throughout the term and for meeting the minimum 160 hour expectation established for all students.   Students have access to this information in real time through TRACY UltraTime - See “Student Real Time Access” in the Policies and Procedure section. In addition, students can review the total hours paid to date by reviewing the past check stubs received for a term or summer period. As an additional measure, the TRACY UltraTime system, at the end of the pay period, sends out a "below hours" email titled “Caution – You are Working Below Hour Requirement” with attached hour report to any student that has fallen 5 or more hours below the required target for the period. That report is also sent to both the Labor Supervisor and Academic Adviser. Furthermore, the Labor Program Office reviews hours throughout the term to identify students who are falling significantly behind in hours. Email notices are sent, and in some cases students are called into the office for consultation. Students should come forward immediately if there are special circumstances related to hour shortages (e.g., medical situation, death in the family).