Failure to Meet the Hour Requirement

Failure to meet the weekly hour requirement should be addressed at the department level through regular discussions and through the student labor evaluation process. Students failing to meet the requirements of a 12- or 15-hour commitment may be subject to an hours reduction and/or a reduction in WLS level. The supervisor will determine any internal reassignment within the department.

The minimum expectation for each student is 160 hours per term. When students are more than 30 hours below the expectation during a term, they will be placed on labor probation. Lower Labor Evaluation scores can also be recorded anytime a student fails to meet his/her hours expectations. In order to not be placed on probation and remain in good standing in the Labor Program, students should not be more than 10 hours below the minimum expectation each fall and spring term. This is easily accomplished if students work in their primary assignments 10+ hours per week through to the end of the term as required by the position and arranged with the supervisor.

If enrolled in classes during the summer term, each student is required to complete no less than 80 hours of labor for an (8) week class and no less than 40 hours of labor for a four (4) week class in a primary assignment by working 10-20 hours per week through the end of the summer school session as required by the position and arranged with the supervisor.