Performance Evaluation

One of a supervisor's responsibilities is to help their employees to grow professionally.  Effective supervision involves regular observation, conversation, encouragement, instruction, and constructive suggestions to employees.  This continuous supervision and feedback provides the employee an understanding of the work, the supervisor’s expectations, acknowledgement of successes, and the opportunity to improve, both for achieving employees and those not meeting standards.

The main purpose of performance reviews is to help an employee improve their job performance and to identify growth opportunities. Ideally, we evaluate and review employee performance on an ongoing, day-to-day basis, and the formal written performance review is the summation of that process for the entire evaluation period. 

Formal performance reviews are completed for all staff employees on an annual basis with the use of online software.  The annual performance review consists of two parts – a self-evaluation and a supervisor’s performance assessment.  Performance indicators assessed include the College’s Workplace Expectations and performance of position-specific duties.