Commercial Drivers' Controlled Substance Use and Testing




This policy applies to all employees required to maintain a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) in the performance of their duties at Berea College (the “College). Employees covered by this policy include anyone hired to work as a bus [or van] driver to transport students.


To provide a general policy statement to maintain compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations regarding controlled substance and alcohol testing of CDL drivers.

General Policy

Berea College will comply with all Federal and State laws and statutes. CDL drivers employed by the College must comply with all applicable regulations and will be required to submit to controlled substance and alcohol testing. Testing will be conducted on a random basis as outlined in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Testing is also required following any accident that meets the criteria for post-accident testing or if the College has reasonable suspicion the driver has violated the prohibitions of the regulations involving drugs and alcohol. Pre-employment testing is required for controlled substances before a driver is allowed to operate a vehicle requiring a Commercial Driver’s license. Up to date regulations will be maintained in the office of the Director of Public Safety, the office of the Director of Human Resources, and the office of the Director of Environmental Health and Safety.

Enforcement and Accountability

The Safety Committee will ensure that the College is in compliance with all CDL requirements and will report annually to the Administrative Committee of the College regarding the compliance of the testing program. The Director of Public Safety, the Director of Human Resources and the Director of Environmental Health & Safety, will jointly supervise the procedural requirements necessary for compliance and will educate the staff about those requirements.  In conjunction with a Medical Review Officer named by the Safety Committee, all drug and alcohol testing will be conducted as required.  An employee's failure to comply with testing will constitute mandatory grounds for immediate discharge.


The Office of Human Resources will formally advise each employee subject to the Federal Regulations about the requirements for compliance. Employees will receive written instructions regarding the following: how the testing will be conducted; by whom the testing will be done; and, how the results will be communicated to the employee and the supervisor. Any supervisor of a CDL driver will receive the necessary education as mandated by the Federal guidelines.

Revised: 2/2013