Job Descriptions

The Labor Status Form is considered a companion piece to the Job Description and will contain some the required information below.  Each FWS position should have a job description (along with a status form) that includes the following:

  • The name and address of the student’s employer (department, public agency, nonprofit organization).
  • The purpose of the student’s job.
  • The student’s duties and responsibilities.
  • The job qualifications.
  • The job’s wage rate or range. (status form)
  • The length of the student’s employment beginning and ending dates.  (status form)
  • The name of the student’s supervisor.  (status form)

The job description has several purposes:

  • It clearly defines whether the job qualifies under the FWS Program.
  • It provides the information needed to explain the position to a student and help him/her select the type of employment most closely related to his/her education or career objectives.
  • It helps the financial aid administrator, the student, and the supervisor determine the number of hours of work required at the specified wage rate to meet a student’s financial need.
  • It establishes a written record, for both student and employer, of the job’s duties and responsibilities so that there will be no misunderstanding.

If a student is employed with an agency or organization that provides community services, the school should, as with any other FWS position, have a job description that includes the duties and the responsibilities for the position. Schools should use the job description to verify that the job meets the definition of community services in the FWS regulations.