Accident Reporting

Should a student have an accident while working in their labor assignment, Public Safety should be notified immediately so that medical care can be provided. As well, the individuals responsible for workers compensation in Human Resources should be notified as well.  Public Safety will complete an accident report and advise appropriate individuals with any follow-up recommendations. The Labor Program and Student Payments Office should also be notified of the incident as soon as possible.

Questions regarding Worker’s Compensation should be directed to the Human Resources Office, which works with a third party administrator to determine applicable benefits. When a student is off work due to an injury or illness, a “Release to Return to Work” slip will need to be signed by a physician and submitted to the Labor Program and Student Payments Office before further work is permitted.

When students request an adjustment in his/her hours requirements due to illness or injury, the request must be accompanied with documentation indicating the diagnosis, treatment and release dates along with any work restrictions and limitations.