Disclosure of Judicial Hearing Outcomes Policy

Upon completion of a campus judicial hearing on violence or non-forcible sex offense charges, the alleged victim will be informed of the hearing outcome by the Judicial Liaison.

In accordance with Section 487 (a)(26) of the Higher Education Opportunity Act, which states:

“The institution will, upon written request, disclose to the alleged victim of any crime of violence (as that term is defined in Section 16 of title 18, United States Code), or a nonforcible sex offense, the report on the results of any disciplinary proceeding conducted by such institution against a student who is the alleged perpetrator of such crime or offense with respect to such crime or offense. If the alleged victim of such crime or offense is deceased as a result of such crime or offense, the next of kin of such victim shall be treated as the alleged victim for purposes of this paragraph.”

Berea College has also established the following protocol for the written disclosure of such information.

  1. A written request (sent via postal mail or email) from the alleged victim should include his or her name, mailing address, phone number, B-number and the date of the hearing. This request may be submitted to the Associate Vice President for Student Life, or the Associate Dean of Student Life.
  2. A letter outlining the results of the hearing in question (specifically, the decision of responsibility and the assigned sanctions, if applicable) will be mailed to the alleged victim within three (3) business days of the receipt of the request.

Effective Date: July 1, 2010

Revision Date:

Approved by: Student Life Council

Submitted by: Gail Wolford

Updated to conform to sustaining policy changes

Submitted by Vice President for Student Life (July 2017)