Provisions and Procedures for Non-CCHB / SLC Hearings

Student Rights

Regardless of the hearing body, students are afforded the Student Rights provided in “Community Judicial Code: Provisions for Hearing Panels of the Campus Conduct Hearing Board (CCHB) and the Student Life Council (SLC).”

Hearing Procedures

For non-CCHB/SLC hearings, these procedures will apply:

  • At the beginning of the hearing, the Chair shall review the Student Rights and confirm that the accused student(s) are aware of them.
  • The hearing body shall use only facts and evidence relevant to the case at hand to make a decision of “Responsible” or “Not Responsible” for each charge. The standard for these decisions will be a preponderance of evidence (i.e. it is more likely than not that the alleged policy violation occurred).
  • If a student is found “Responsible,” the student’s previous disciplinary record will be provided to the hearing body prior to assignment of sanctions.

Appeals (for non-CCHB / SLC hearings)

A student found “Responsible” during a hearing has the right to a single level of appeal. This appeal must be submitted within three (3) days of the original decision to the Student Life Office, which will direct the appeal to the designated appellate authority.

An appeal of the original decision may be granted only if the appellate authority determines that:

  • the decision is manifestly unfair or unsupported by the testimony and evidence received at the hearing;
  • the hearing body failed to follow and apply designated policies and procedures and such failure resulted in material prejudice to the appealing party; or
  • one or more members of the hearing body were unfairly biased or acted with prejudice in a manner that affected the outcome of the case or violated the rights of the accused student to due process as provided by the Community Judicial Code.

If the appeal is granted, the case shall be reheard in its entirety by the designated appellate authority.