About this Handbook

This Handbook has been prepared to answer some of the questions you may have concerning the College and its policies. Please read it carefully and retain it for future reference. The policies stated in this Handbook are subject to change at the sole discretion of the College. From time to time, you may receive updated information concerning changes in policy. Should you have any questions regarding any policies, please ask your supervisor or a member of the College’s Office of Human Resources for assistance.

This Handbook and its contents do not constitute an express or implied contract of employment. Unless otherwise provided in an express written contract, employment at the College is at will and may be terminated for any reason, with or without notice, by the College or by you, as an employee. Only the President of the College or the President's designee is authorized to bind the College to a written contract of employment.

In this Handbook, the College has endeavored to provide you with an overview of the policies and procedures that will promote positive employee relations and a productive workplace of which we all can be proud. With the distinctive educational mission of the College and the full-tuition scholarship provided to every student at Berea, it is even more imperative that each and every staff member performs the duties assigned to them and do so effectively, congenially and collaboratively. Creating an atmosphere where all who come to the College are welcome to work, learn and serve together requires all of us to demonstrate the high levels of courtesy and respect for one another and the many students, community members, visitors, and friends of the College with whom we have contact on a daily basis.

This Handbook is designed to provide information that will make it easier for you to develop and maintain successful relationships as a member of the Berea College staff. It provides a general view of the College’s employee benefits, your responsibilities as an employee, and work rules at the College. The Handbook should also help you answer the most commonly asked questions about employment at the College. It is impossible to write policies that will cover every possible situation and it is also highly unlikely that existing policies will not require some modification over time. Consequently, the College reserves the right to interpret, modify or make exceptions to its policies and procedures at any time, and to terminate existing policies or add new ones as necessary.

Scope and Application

This Handbook and the policies stated herein are applicable to all employees of Berea College, including administration, staff and faculty. Provided, however, in the application of this Handbook to members of the College faculty, should there be an express conflict between any provision of this Handbook and the Faculty Manual, then the latter shall have precedence. In addition, certain policies such as the General Harassment Policy and the Sexual Harassment Policy are applicable to all members of the College community.

From the Office of Human Resources

Ray House 210 Center Street

The Office of Human Resources serves as a resource center for the staff and faculty of Berea College. Compensation, benefits, employee activities, learning and training opportunities and various recognition efforts are managed through this office. You are encouraged to alert the Human Resources staff if you have a question, a concern or a complaint with which they may be able to assist you. Go to https://www.berea.edu/human-resources/staff/ for a list of Human Resources staff members and their contact information.