Scholarship Payments and Overtime

Students enrolled and working in the Labor Program* earn a work scholarship of which the Labor Grant portion is applied to the cost of education (“tuition”) each term. The amount applied is: $4,500 (Fall); $4,500 (Spring); and up to a maximum of $4,200 for 8 or more weeks during the summer. The remainder is made up in check payments based on hours worked.  The direct scholarship payments receive are not subject to overtime. Based on this fact departments should not work students beyond 40 hours a week. Supervisors should carefully monitor student schedules to avoid working students beyond 40 hours. If a student works beyond forty hours the scholarship rate received will not change. During the academic year, students should not consistently work more than the hours assigned and scheduled by the labor supervisor.

*Comprehensive Work-Learning-Service program - an integral and stated part of the institution’s educational philosophy and program