Secondary Positions

All students are required to fulfill their labor obligations through a primary labor assignment. Those who wish to pursue additional opportunities- out of interest or financial need- may seek a secondary position. Secondary positions are generally reserved for intermittent work and range from 0-5 hours per week, with some extending to 10 hours. Opportunities depend upon department allocations, and students must seek overload approval if they desire more than 15 hours per week.

Secondary labor positions require the approval of the primary labor supervisor, who may decline if there is a concern about the student’s position performance or about potential scheduling conflicts (approval may later be revoked if such issues arise). Secondary positions must not take priority over the primary labor assignment. As well, secondary hours are not factored into the basic labor hours requirement.

First year students are not permitted to hold secondary positions during their first term to ensure focus on academic and primary labor requirements during this time of transition. 

If a student fails to go through appropriate administrative channels to seek an approval for labor overload, the Labor Program and Student Payments Office may terminate the secondary position if the student continually works over the appropriate number of hours per week and fails to heed administrative requests.