Financial Aid

A crucial form of financial assistance at Berea College is provided through the Student Labor Program. All students enrolled in an academic term (Fall, Spring, Summer) or working a summer practicum earn a Berea Work Scholarship which is applied directly to the cost of education (tuition) each term. The amount applied is $4,500 in Fall, $4,500 in Spring, and $4,700 in Summer for students enrolled in summer courses or working 8 weeks or more.  


In addition to this scholarship, students also receive direct payments based on the number of hours they work each pay period. Students can earn up to $3,000 per year to assist with educational expenses such as room, food, fees, books, and other personal expenses.   


Students who work during the summer but do not attend classes (labor only) are expected to save a portion of their earnings to help cover educational expenses during their next term of enrollment. Student Financial Aid Services will determine the expected savings amount by deducting students' job-related costs from their total summer earnings.  

Note: The direct scholarship payments received are not subject to tax withholding or FICA. However, a scholarship tax liability may apply and is dependent on the total amount of grants and scholarships received during the year compared to the amount of qualified expenses incurred. Student Financial Aid Services provides an annual tax letter to assist students/families in determining the amount of taxable aid income received.