Standard Sanctions

Violation of any rules of conduct that may lead to social probation, suspension or expulsion, or other appropriate and authorized sanctions.

Social Probation – a period of time (which may be indefinite) during which a student is under warning that any other violation of College policy will result in more severe sanctions, which may include suspension or expulsion. While on Social Probation the student will be considered “not in good standing” and limited in participating in certain college programs.  See Probation.

Suspension – a defined period of time during which a student is not permitted to be on campus or engaged in any of the programs, courses, organizations, events, or activities associated with being a student at .Berea College. During the period of suspension, a hold designating such will be placed on the student’s account prohibiting registration, enrollment, attendance, or ability to earn credit for any credit or non-credit courses offered by the College. Once the period of suspension has been completed, the student is eligible to reapply provided the student has completed any other requirements required prior to return. Readmission is not guaranteed. During the period of suspension, the student is also banned from Berea College property unless otherwise stated.

Expulsion –the permanent termination of a student’s status at the College. This prohibits engagement in any of the privileges, courses, organizations, events, or activities associated with being a student at Berea College. This does not prohibit the transferring of credits earned to another college or university, but the expulsion is designated permanently on the student’s academic transcript. Unless otherwise stated, the student is also indefinitely banned from Berea College property. This is the most egregious sanction that Berea College can impose upon a student.