Common Learning Goals

Bereans continue to strive to fulfill the Great Commitments in ways that are both responsible to history and tradition and yet responsive to the needs of students in the 21st century. In 1996, after numerous “Town Meeting” discussions open to all students, faculty, staff, and trustees, a strategic plan entitled Being and Becoming: Berea College in the 21st Century was adopted by vote of the College Faculty, General Faculty, and the Board of Trustees. Being and Becoming articulates four pairs of learning goals that apply to Berea students, faculty, and staff members alike, and that are to be fostered not only in classrooms, but in all of the other places where Bereans interact, from offices to residence halls to athletic fields. These goals are to:

  • develop the critical intellectual ability to address complex problems from multiple perspectives and nurture moral growth with a commitment to service;
  • understand the relationship between humans and the natural world and consider both the benefits and limitations of science and technology;
  • explore our individual roots and our shared American culture and know and respect cultures from around the world; and
  • educate students, faculty, and staff to be creative, independent thinkers and encourage collaboration and teamwork in learning and working.

These learning goals are ideals toward which all Bereans are encouraged to strive. They are intended to guide members of the College community in preparing graduates who will serve and lead their communities and be agents of positive change. The development of these learning goals is but one example of how the Berea College community is, through thoughtful and continuous planning, extending its tradition of educational innovation.