Professional Liability and Personal Loss Insurance

All members of the professional and support staff are protected by a variety of institutional insurance policies. In the performance of professional or institution responsibilities every member of the staff is covered by general liability insurance in the event of suit against the individual or the College. Statutory workman's compensation covers every employee for work-related injuries. Subject to policy conditions and limitations, the loss by fire, theft, or other peril of a teaching faculty member's personal property located on campus is covered. While traveling on College business on a commercial carrier, all employees are covered by a travel accident policy.

Automobile insurance is carried on all College-owned vehicles, and this insurance protects any employee driving such a vehicle on College business. If an employee is using their own vehicle on College business, and has an accident, the individual's personal insurance has primary coverage. The College's insurance is applicable if, and only to the extent that, claims for bodily injury and property damage exceed the limits of the individual's own coverage.

For current information about the level of coverage, conditions and limitations, contact the Office of Business and Administration.  Revised: 2/2013