Educational Opportunities for College Employees and Their Dependents



Berea College Coursework for Employees

The opportunity to enroll in academic courses is consistent with the College’s commitment to create a continuous and integrated learning environment. Full time employees may apply to take one Berea College course per semester, excluding short term. The application and approval process should begin with a discussion between the employee and their immediate supervisor to see how, or if, taking a course might be accommodated on non-work time. The next step is for the employee to obtain and complete an application form available through the Student Services Department. Written approval by the immediate supervisor and the divisional vice-president is required prior to the commencement of the course.  (Please note that due to the business needs of the College, it may not be possible to grant all requests submitted.) 

All credit-bearing courses taken as an employee may count toward a Berea College degree. Unlike other non-degree students, employees seeking a degree may request entry into a closed class; additionally, they may register ahead of other non-degree students.

Employees who receive approval to take courses are responsible for the costs of their books, course fees and related expenses. The Student Service Center is available to answer fee-related questions.

Admission to Berea College for Degree-Seeking Dependents

Dependents of full time and part-time benefited staff members must meet the College’s academic requirements, apply for admission in a timely manner, and may be admitted to the College regardless of demonstrating the financial need. Those dependents accepted for admission are required to reside on campus and are responsible for all books, fees, related expenses and room and board charges.

Dependents of full time and part-time benefited staff members may also enroll as non-degree students without being residents of Madison County or adjacent counties. Cost of books, course fees and related expenses are the responsibility of the individual.

Tuition Exchange Programs for Dependents of Berea College Employees

All employees of Berea College who work in a full-time regular appointment are eligible to apply for participation for their children in a tuition exchange program sponsored by the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) or for participation at a limited number of Co-op member institutions within the Tuition Exchange (TEP) program. The CIC exchange includes approximately 380 institutions across 40 states. All full-time regular employees who have worked for the College a minimum of three years are also eligible to apply for participation at any of the institutions in the Tuition Exchange program including 600 institutions in 47 states.

Both the CIC and TEP programs consist of a network of colleges and universities willing to enroll, on a competitive basis, students from families of full-time employees of other participating institutions (full-time as designated by the employer/institution) with tuition remission. In some cases, participating institutions within the Tuition Exchange program whose tuition costs are in excess of $29,000 may restrict remission to that amount. No such remission limit exists within the CIC tuition exchange program.

Specifically, each institution in the network agrees to accept (import) an institutionally derived number of students from other colleges on the same admission basis as they accept all other students. Students are typically responsible for all non-tuition charges—room, board, books and fees—at the institution in which they enroll (host institution), although some institutions provide additional incentives by waiving part or all of the room and board costs, as well as tuition, for a qualifying student.

The Tuition Exchange Program is limited to a maximum of two years. The Co-op Program is available for four years of participation and there is no waiting period for new employees. Some restrictions apply at various participating institutions, so it is advisable to begin the process of inquiry with the Berea’s Director of Financial Aid at the earliest point of interest.

Students must also complete the admissions process to the schools they wish to attend. Normally, students aren’t selected for the tuition exchange programs until they have completed all admission requirements. To find more about each program please follow the links below. No password is needed to view either of the programs.

Tuition Exchange Inc. Program -

Council of Independent Colleges Program/Pages/About-TEP.aspx