Academic Probation

Students will be placed on Academic Probation at the end of any regular term for failure to maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA in the major (once declared) and overall, meet the total credits identified in the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Chart, or for failure to satisfactorily complete the equivalent of three (3) credits. To be removed from Academic Probation, a student must achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.0 in the major (once declared) and overall, meet the minimum course credit requirements as defined in the SAP policy and chart, and satisfactorily complete the equivalent of three (3) credits in the next regular term of attendance. Students who do not meet the minimum performance and/or course credit requirements as defined in the SAP policy and chart will be subject to suspension. In general, students approved for part‐time status must meet the SAP standards based on their total terms including any part-time terms.

Continued Probation

Students on probation in their second and third terms will be placed on continued probation if, at the end of the term, they meet the minimum cumulative GPA requirements and progress requirements in the SAP policy and chart but have not yet achieved a 2.0 cumulative GPA. (See SAP chart)

Probation Conditions

During the term of probation, the student will be enrolled in GST 101: Strategies for Academic Success (1/4‐credit course) unless said student has passed the course previously. Failure to successfully complete GST 101 while on probation will negatively influence future enrollment decisions for a student who remains in academic difficulty. Students wishing to be excused from this requirement may complete the GST 101 waiver form available from the Office of Student Success & Transition (

Students on Academic Probation cannot participate in internships, independent studies, team-initiated studies, Berea Term Abroad, or international travel in Summer terms (including Berea International Summer Term or KIIS). Students who wish to participate in the above activities may appeal to the SAAS Committee for a waiver to these conditions of Academic Probation. Additionally, students on any form of probation are not authorized to have a vehicle on campus. (see Motor Vehicle Policy for Students for more information)

Exceptions to Probation Policies

Students who do not meet the SAP standards as a result of one or more incomplete (I) grades will have their probation status reevaluated once the incomplete(s) has been resolved. If the student meets all of the SAP standards at that point, the probation status will be removed as of the term the incomplete is resolved.

Students who are placed on Academic Probation at the end of the spring term will have the opportunity to meet the SAP standards for that term with summer coursework either at Berea or another college (please see elsewhere in the Catalog for policies regarding transfer credits). At the end of summer term, student status will be reevaluated with the addition of summer courses using the prior spring term’s standards for performance and credit completion. Students will be removed from academic probation when they are in compliance with the standards of performance and progress stated above.

Students who are approved for an extension of terms will be held accountable for the credits earned/passed as outlined on their approved curriculum plan submitted with their extension of terms request form rather than those listed on the SAP chart. Deviation from this curriculum plan must be approved by the student’s advisor and the Office of Academic Affairs. Failure to follow the curriculum plan may result in revocation of the extension approval and suspension from the college.

Appeals of Academic Probation

Students who remain in violation of the SAP policies as a result of early academic difficulties, but have a track record of successful academic work, may submit an appeal to the SAAS committee for removal from Academic Probation.

Students who are placed on Academic Probation solely for not meeting the SAP credits progress standards and who have been accepted to a major and have an approved curriculum plan that demonstrates that they will be able to complete their degree within the 8‐term limit without overloading in any term, can appeal their probationary status to the SAAS Committee. Students in this situation will be required to request a waiver of probation status each term and demonstrate that they are following their approved curriculum plan. Students may modify and update their curriculum plan to respond to changes in course sequencing, availability, or registration with the approval of their advisor.

Also see the “Readmission” and “Academic Standing and Reinstatement to Good Standing” in this publication for more information.